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Most of us know of it, some of us more elderly experienced it, some know nothing of it or very little.

It happened in the second world war during 1940. Germany or more correctly Hi tIer was intent on invading Bri tain and to do that he had to cross the English Channel, but foremost he had to have mastery of the sky. Firstly he tried to bomb us into submission but the RAF fought valiantly with their fighter aircraft, mainly the Spitfire and Hurricane. It was a close run battle and many brave pilots and ground crew perished to save their country. On 15th September 1940 the German Luftwaffe called off their offensive. The "Few" had won. The "Few", as the Prime Minister named them, were the pilots of those fighter You can see a Spitfire %26 Hurricane in the Memorial Building.

Many RAF Stations were Fighter Stations and RAF Manston, as it was known then, was one, right in the front line.

We of the local Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association have for many years paid homage to the men and women who were at RAF Manston during those dark days in 1940, we honour the Pilots and ground crew who made the supreme sacrifice during that period of time which came to be known as The Battle of Britain. So, every year we hold a small Service of Remembrance in the Memorial gardens at the Spitfire %26 Hurricane Memorial Building at Manston, on 15th September at 10.00 hours.

This is in addition to the National Battle of Britain Sunday Service which is held all over Britain and many places throughout the world. B of B Sunday is the first Sunday after 15th September, which is known as Battle of Britain Day.

Our local Service on B of B Sunday is held at 10,45 hours at the Church of St George the Martyr, Broad Street, Ramsgate.

You are more than welcome to attend either of the two memorial occasions to honour those who fought and died so that we might be free.